Sunday, April 1, 2012

I think he was hungry

Me: "Let's get to bed."
Dorian: "Nooo..."
"You're falling asleep."
"I'm falling into making a sandwich."

Dorian: "You were right."
Me: "Hnh? About what?"
"The blueberries aren't fresh at all."

*Dorian waves his hands wildly in front of his face and covers his head*
"Ahh! Pizza!"

Dorian: "Do we have eggs?"
Me: "Yes."
"How many?"
"Seven or eight."
"Dammit, man, is it seven or eight?"
(As I reach for the notebook, Dorian falls back into a snoring state. A few minutes pass, and then...)
"Do we have eggs?"
"How many?"
"...Seven or eight..."
"Dammit, man, is it--wait, I think I knew that....zzzzz..."

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