Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Soggy Tacos

Nothing from Dorian this time. This is a sequence from a Facebook exchange between two of my Dagorhir friends, Kotaro and Tumbark. (With their permission, of course.)

Kotaro: “True, but who would have expected Dolph 'I must break you' Lundgren to have a Masters in a totally scientific discipline?”
Tumbark: “I would”
Kotaro: “You expect baboons to bring you pizza when you speak the right incantation.”
Tumbark: “Guess who's NOT getting delicious pizza brought by a baboon next time?”
Kotaro: “Baboon pizzas are so last year. I get my tacos delivered by phoenix now.”
Tumbark: “pfff... phoenix tacos... they burn the darn thing before you get it. Not to mention they might just take a while to be born again and then? Yup burnt and soggy tacos.”
Kotaro: “I like my tacos crispy.”
Tumbark: “... and you just walked into that one... giggity”
Kotaro: “I stand by my statement.”

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