Friday, December 28, 2012

Out of Tin

"Ah! No!"
"We ran out of tin and it was bad."
"Why did we need tin?"
"To make the bucket for the bass...and me."

"We're gonna need, like, six more monkeys for the drums."

(I roll over to grab the notebook)
"Don't forget the box of handjobs!"

"I'll stop talking about the machines, now, they're bad...eventually, all the mostacholi starts becoming self-aware."

"We're out of pastrami! You said we were out of pastrami, but I said it was ham. And about one third of what you're saying is in my head. I'm sorry."
"It's ok, you're asleep."
"Not asleep, I'm always awake for you. It's just the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers who are sleeping."

"We can't feed the ducks, 'cause the food is toxic, too."

"Adom, by the way, did you remember the box of handjobs? I'll have one."

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