Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thirteen Dogs

Dorian: "Zzzzz..."
Me: *Le snuggles*
Dorian: *Sudden jump in bed, whapping my nose with his chin.*
Me: "Ow. Bad dream?"
Dorian: "Minecraft dream."
Me: "What happened?"
Dorian: "A creeper fell on me."
"I'm sorry! I broke it! Don't leave me for the toast."

Dorian: "Thirteen dogs."
Me: "What?"
Dorian: "Thirteen dogs, they're spawning."
Me: "Minecraft? It's okay, just walk around them."
Dorian: "Not Minecraft. Not playing. They're SPAWNING..."

Dorian: "Mmmph...I found it!"
Me: "Found it?"
Dorian: "The slide...and the fondant."

Me: "Okay, sweetie, I need to get up."
Dorian: "You should get up."
Dorian rolls over, pins me to the bed with one arm, rests his face against my hand, makes a happy, contented sigh, and falls asleep. We rest like this for a few minutes, then I gently try to wake him again.
Me: "Dorian...I need to pee."
Dorian, without waking: "Oh, ok. You should do that....but not in the bed, go to the bathroom."
He does not stir. Minutes pass. I wiggle out from his arm, without waking him, but his head is still in my hand.
Me: "Dorian, honey, I need to get up and pee."
Dorian, angrily: "COMMUNISTS!"
Me: o_O

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