Sunday, July 8, 2012


Dorian had a cat in middle school, an eightish year old male cat named Akhim.

Well, the cat is still alive (he's around twenty now), and we brought him home from Dorian's grandmother's house today. He's very, very sweet, and Dorian's been extremely happy since Akhim entered our apartment. The cat's not too unhappy, either, he was walking around and greeting people within half an hour of entering. No yowling, no spraying, no problems at all. In fact, he very readily claimed the comfiest piece of furniture as his own.

So now there's an actual Senatorial Kitten. Sort of. As much as a geriatric, sleeping cat can be called a "kitten."

                                                                                  Photo courtesy our flatmate Matt.

But did I mention I'm allergic to cats?

So last night, at his grandmother's, as I was coughing, and Dorian was stoned on Benadryl (he's allergic to her feather pillows), Dorian suggested, in earnest, a solution to my post-nasal drip:

"We're gonna fill your lower sinuses with sand!"

 My response to this idea was less than enthusiastic, as you can imagine.

This afternoon, as we were driving back home and passing through Waupaca, Akhim was meowing anxiously in the back of the car. Dorian's response:

Dorian: "It's okay, Akhim."
Akhim: (Meows plaintively)
Dorian: "I know, I know you don't like Waupaca."
Akhim: (Meows again)
Dorian: "It's okay, I know you don't like it. Don't be too hard on them because their softball team sucks."
Me, driving: "What the hell?"

I suggested putting that exchange on the blog. Dorian said he'd worry about angry emails from the entire population of Waupaca, Wisconsin.

Still later:

Me: "Sweetie, were you serious about me not putting your disparagement of the Waupaca softball team up on Senatorial Kittens?"
Dorian: "Do whatever you want. They can fuckin' bring it."


  1. Haha. I have to say, I agree with Dorian. Waupaca blows!

  2. On behalf of Waupaca, I would like to say that it is a really friendly little town full of nice people that will totally help a stranger get a car out of a snowdrift. If you break a bone and are laid up for a while, ten people will totally show up with casserole. That having been said, yes, it is in the middle of nowhere and yes, nothing happens. But if you like a slow pace, it's a nice place to live. Also, there is excellent pizza, a few great coffee shops, and two independent bookstores. Okay, end defense of the city where I enjoyed the first six years of not falling asleep to sirens of my life.

    Also, Andy and I refer to any cat as "kitten." He's gotten me into the habit. I find it endearing in the same way that one might call one's S.O. "baby." So that is totally appropriate verbiage IMHO.

  3. At least it's not Wausau. Wausau is a bitch.

  4. I used Waupaca in a song once. "It may be in Waupaca/ Or Oshkosh or Racine/ I'll find a decent fella/ the kind I've never seen..

  5. Waupaca is ripe for nuclear devastation.