Thursday, July 19, 2012

Do the Penguin

Dorian wasn't feeling too well last night, and fell asleep on the couch.

"It's okay, just tell him I sent you...I'm trying to get the thing to move, but it won't, so we'll have to use the mushroom...Sweetie? It's okay, don't worry...Oh fuck, damn, I'll move it, just don't...I'll, I'll find him! You gotta has...(distressed moan) I just don't get enough [REDACTED]*."

And then he threw up.

He was feeling much better by the time we actually went to bed, so I felt okay with messing with him this morning as he slept.
"Dorian, look at all the penguins. Thousands of them."
"They're riding pogo sticks. Pogoing penguins."
"Stop being silly."
"And walruses. They're on scooters."
"Stop being silly. Walruses can't ride scooters. No feet. And can't wear helmets. Tusks." *Pokes two fingers in front of his face, simulating tusks*
"Ok. I'll just put party hats on the penguins."
"Can't wear hats. No chins."
"Party jackets, then."
"No. Not fancy."
"Fancy dinnerwear. Ok. What music should we play?"
(A few minutes pass, and I figure he's fallen into a deeper sleep. Then...) "Flapper music. Yeah. Do the penguin."
Then he locked his legs like a penguin and began to wiggle back and forth to a beat only he could hear.

* I run all my posts by Dorian before publishing them. So far, the only content he's objected to (and thus, has not been shared) has been sexually graphic, or relates to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I'll leave it up to you to decide which this was.

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