Thursday, November 22, 2012

Box of Wisconsin

"Tell the flamingo dance party to shut up. Shut up. Gonna eat them for Thanksgiving...too stringy...I got you the thing. Adom, I got you the thing."
"Oh, thank you. What is it?"
"It's the Box of Wisconsin. You need it 'cause you're special."
"Thank you, sweetie."
"I wasn't too far. Take the box. I got you the box."
"Thanks, love. You did a good job. But it's time to wake up, we've got to start cooking."
"No, I am awake. I got you the Box of Wisconsin. Feel special."
"You're dreaming, love."
"Awake. Got you the box. Was hard."
"I know, and you did a fantastic job. I really love it. Like I love you. But you gotta wake up."
"Am awake. Eating the turkey."
"Sweetie--" (I realize at this point that I need to sneeze. I roll to the side and release what is possibly the loudest sneeze I've ever had.) "ACHOOO!"
(Dorian wakes up.) "What in the hell just happened?"

He determined that the Box of Wisconsin is, apparently, coated in pepper.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, from me and Dorian!

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  1. I assumed that the Box of Wisconsin was a box of cheese