Friday, November 9, 2012

Reverse Infared

"What? No, stoppit. Put it back...I don't have any...I love you, Adom, stay black...Your pillows are colder!"
(Rolls over, seizes my pillows.)
"I'm like a backwards snake. I use reverse infared to find cold spots, and then, I'm all 'Sssss...mine.'"
(Moments pass as I scribble in the notebook.)
"...It's rude of me to take your pillows..."
(Rolls back, relinquishing my half of the bed.)
"Stop writing so loud, it's making me dream of camels...alpaca took all our yogurt."

1 comment:

  1. Yoink Un-Due, The Laying Arms of Down

    or How Political Correctness Led to the Downfall of Mankind

    a Therenic poem

    It’s wrong to take your pillows, he said
    And ceded territory in their bed.

    Hearing of the truce
    The laying down of goose,

    The badger horde did grieve us,
    Now as our lords, they o’ersee us