Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pauly Shore

"He's flapping and flying and not doing his job...Tell her to get her own chair! Pointy-eared bastard...."

"Hey, free car! I'll take it." (This was accompanied by raising his hand.)

"Quicksilver...Max is not his True Name, it is Kevin Costner."

"I'm sorry I'm asleep...I love you, I'm sorry it's okay."

(I roll over)
"What are you, trying to kill me?!"

As I lay sleeping, Dorian rolled over and draped his arm around me, pulling me close. He snuggled up against me, gently laying his face atop my head. I smiled as he brushed my hair away from my ear and whispered, "Adom, I love you so much."

And then, just as I was drifting off into a pleasant slumber, he added, "I'm Pauly Shore."

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