Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thanks, Snoop Dogg

He had eggrolls before bed again!

*Dorian rolls over, nuzzles me, and takes a deep breath in. He sighs contentedly.*
" smell okay."

"I don't speak French!"

(This was accompanied by a "hop," of sorts. He suddenly bounced in the bed, waking himself up in the process.)

"Your face was asleep. Dreaming. Mezzanine."

*Dorian wraps his arms around me*
"I love you so're my favorite...I just want to hold you's okay, he ate it on the's gone, now."

"Doesn't hurt, not sunburn. (Sighs appreciatively) Thanks, Snoop Dogg...your face is...too...I love you. Take the ball, that's why I prefer plain men...well, find out if he's in town, then he can come to practice."

"I punched through the plexiglass paper and Jim and Arthur was impressed...sandwich."

(This exchange is from me reading this entry aloud to him.)

"You talk about sandwiches a lot in your sleep."
"That's because sandwiches are amazing!"
"Yeah, but that's like, the topic you come back to the most. That, and sex. Sex and sandwiches, that's most of what you talk about."
"Well, to be fair...that's pretty much what makes me run."

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