Thursday, October 4, 2012

Inglorious Bast

Dorian: "What is it in the it bad?, just put some dirt on it...yeah, that's it, it'll be fine...hahahaha! Lousy Jews."
Me: "...I love you."
Dorian: "Hey, you, got him. (Gasps, sits bolt upright, tackles me) ADOM! Let's go to bed!"
Me: "Uh...ok."
Dorian: "Ok...ok...zzzzz...(gasps again in surprise, semi-wakes) Hey, you! How'd you get here?"
Me: "Uh, well, you said something about 'lousy Jews,' and then pounced on me."
Dorian: "No lousy Jews. Good Jews. Killing Nazis."
Me: "Ok."
Dorian: "Zzzz...I've learned things, in my dreams."
Me: "Oh?"
Dorian: "Nazis don't like punji sticks. Or being punched in the face."
Me: "O...k..."
(Akhim wanders over to see what is going on. He hops onto Dorian's lap, and Dorian seizes the cat and pulls him into the embrace.)
Dorian, to Akhim: "You're cuddling now."
(Akhim tolerates this for a moment or two, then tries to squirm away.)
Dorian: "Nope! Cuddling!"
 (Dorian falls back into the couch, still holding Akhim, who begins whipping his tail furiously in irritation and periodically trying to wiggle free.)
Dorian: "Nope...noooope...stoppit. Ow, you bit me. Goway. Nazi cat."

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