Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Ragnarok quotes

"The jam  is two bladed, we should keep it."
(Minutes pass, I fall back to sleep.)
"Hnh? What?"
"Don't sell the jam."
"Ugh. Ok."
"Now we can't use the apples."

(Shatterhaze is the name of a Dagorhir player.)
"We all got candy, because Shatterhaze's shield is a pinata."

"Ok, everyone, out of the car. Remember to roll up the windows, we don't want pigeons in here." (Pantomimes rolling up the car window, opening the door, locking it, and shutting it.) "There. Pigeon proof."

"Uh-huh. No. Fuck that guy."

*Dorian begins a frantic pat down of his legs*
"Where's my wallet? Sweetie, I can't find my wallet. Or my pockets. Where's my wallet?"
"You're naked, love."
"You're naked. Find my pockets."

"The machine made the vacuum. The vacuum is filled with particles. We're all fucked."

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