Thursday, March 1, 2012

Not a sleeping exchange, but still funny.

I copied this from my Facebook status last night. The quotes are approximate; I'd already been buzzed at that point. Dorian was, of course, not sleeping, but I thought it amusing enough to be appropriate to share here.

*Moving the last of Dorian's stuff out of his old apartment*
"Mind if I check the cabinets, make sure you got everything?"
"I double and triple checked everything."
"Still, mind if I do a once-over?"
"I checked all the cabinets."

(Later, as I check the bathroom closet)
"I got everything. If there's anything left, I don't want it. I double and triple checked all the cabinets and closets."

(Later, as I look into a cabinet...)

"Hey, a bottle of tequila!"

I am now getting drunk 1800 Silver, the bottle of which I have claimed for my own. Because he clearly didn't want it.

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