Wednesday, January 30, 2013


"Did you see that? I kicked him in the nose. I was like, SHAZAM! nose-punch-kick. Six dollar no tax son of a bitch. Cheap bastard."

"Yeah, what you needed to do was...okay, no, it's fine, you got it. Just paint it blue next time like I told you. Dammit, Julio. Doesn't listen, too lazy to use the tungsten. Seventeen kids running around everywhere. This is why we don't hire Catholics!..J-C-T jub jub jub jub jub...Adom...Adom!"
"It's okay. Jub jub jub jub jub..."
("Jub jub jub" was clearly supposed to be a sound effect for something, but I've no idea what.)

"Did you let the breakfast crowd out already? Dammit, no! It's icy! They'll slip, and the hippo will get them...oh, ha, ha, yeah, laugh off the hippo, he is dangerous! Hippos eat our children! Three kids a week, POOF! It's a wonder we stay in business."

"Someone took my two towels!"
"Someone took my towels!"
(I toss a bit of blanket over Dorian's upper body.)

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