Monday, May 7, 2012


Monday morning. Just me, my laptop...and my fiancee beatboxing in his sleep next to me.

"Yeaahhh...fuck you!...Mmm, nooo, the rich man kissed her butt. She's dead."

"Barely, you won, but Tony, your druid needs to re-roll."

"Let's play a game."
"What game?"
"Who Doesn't Get Horny First."
"Uh...I win?"
"Your pothole is bigger, it'll be a minute."

"You do favors to young people, and they're all like, 'ha-hah!' and you're all like, 'fuck you.' It's just annoying, is all, you know what I mean? Stupids."

"You just gotta be grimacing cute. Can't use my face, it's not ferocious enough."

"Hiya! The iron galvanizes the material galvanize...We're not Tuesday!"

"Yeah, but you gotta give it should have bought it when we got there, 'cause we can't take it with us now."

"The ceiling hands!"

(Dorian stirs)
"I hate this part of the day."
"What's that?"
"When I just can't wake up...why...why are we on French food guide?"

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