Thursday, May 10, 2012

Llama Safety

We have a new flatmate, our good friend Matt. Last night, Dorian fell asleep while reading in the common room, so he was on the couch babbling while Matt and I putzed around and made breakfast.

(After several minutes of prodding)
Me: "Dorian, wake up, or the llamas will get you."
Dorian: "Llamas are a camel."

" tip...never tie yourself to a llama."

"Matt, you need to develop a strain of Turret's...not with cursing, though, just every once in a while, you loudly shout your grid location."

Me, to Matt: "Yeah, he'll be [talking in his sleep] for about thirty to forty minutes, now. This is where I get most of my material."
Dorian: "I am not newspaper material!"

(As I whisk eggs in a glass bowl)
"Clink clink clink clink...shhhh! No, it's okay, I'm getting up. I'm awake."

"Adom...Adom...vaiya con dios...I'm sorry. I couldn't save you. They took you, and I followed...but I didn't have any winter's cold in space."

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