Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Duck Pillow

"Someone's knocking at the door."
"No, there isn't."
"Yes, they are."
"No one's there, sweetie, you're dreaming."
"No, I'm not. Go see."
(I sigh, and go and confirm there's no one at the door. I also notice it's unlocked.)
"No one's there. And you forgot to lock up last night."
"Well, sure, because the refrigerator's good."

"Make one big one! Put all the pillows in one can't have one."

"Okay, I'm up! You don't have to keep kicking me."
(From the other side of the room.) "Sweetie, I'm over here."
"Oh. I'm sorry."

"Mmm. Duck pillow."

Perhaps someone can help Dorian out with this. This is from his Facebook this morning:

I need some help from the older crowd: I am trying (quite desperately) to remember the artist and song that I saw as a music video probably 18-22 yrs ago (on MTV). Not making this one up, other guys on the tubes are also looking for it: It is a guy, in a dinosaur suit, playing an acoustic guitar. He is standing next to a house (pink i think), a truck/ car (red?) and a tree. the whole thing is made to look like a kids cut-out. The song is kind of pop-semi-relaxed. And no one else is shown in the video... This is the thing keeping me up all night.
 Anyone out there have an idea of what this might be?

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