Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mushroom, mushroom

I'm having a hard time sleeping tonight. Dorian is not so troubled. This is not entirely coincidental.

As I tried to get him to wake up off the couch so we could go to bed in bed, he fell asleep mid sentence:
"I'm coming, sweetie, don't worry. Just leave the thing at the stuff and I'll pick him up and put him on the five..."
"My love--"
"Shh, you'll wake him up."

This took place about three hours after we went to bed. It's been a stormy night, and the storm was directly above us at this point.
Dorian: "Hey!"
Me: "Hnh?"
Dorian: "We should go to bed, now."
Me: "Oh...okay..."
(I close my eyes. Lightning strikes, thunder claps)
Dorian: "So stop playing with the lights."

(Dorian rolls over and pulls my pillow out from under my head)
"Need this to fight the badgers. Can't see the badgers."


  1. Yoink!

    a poem by Theren R.

    For nocturnal peccadilloes with cadgers, bores,
    The defense best against badgers are pillows.

  2. Seriously Adom, stop playing with the lights :) *gigglefits*